Pour just a little on your plants: they will bloom in just a week

Not everyone knows that a simple ingredient we find in the kitchen can be of great help to our plants, more than any chemical product we buy in the supermarket. But what element are we talking about? Let’s find out.

If you are new to growing plants or flowers, you should be careful and try some tricks. But not only that, some simple tricks are also useful. For example, did you know that if you add this ingredient to your plant, it will flower much sooner? The final result will be truly incredible, plus it will cost you zero euros. Let’s find out what element we are talking about, it can be found in every kitchen – all the details.

Plants, how to make them bloom sooner? The infallible trick

It may happen that we see our plants bloom too late or not at all. It is a very annoying drawback of growing up that often makes us worry. The reasons may be various, but don’t worry because there is a simple, effective, ecological and, above all, free remedy.

To get the plants to flower much earlier and avoid certain problems that arise during development, it is necessary to add a very special ingredient that you will find in the kitchen. We are talking about the eggshell. Very often, when we cook eggs, we throw away the shells, but they actually have many benefits and can help you keep your plants in perfect health.

It is true that it is food waste, but it can be recycled in a useful way. The properties of the peels are many and you can take advantage of them for your plants: let’s find out how.

Gusci delle uova

The procedure

Eggshells are a fantastic natural fertilizer. It can replace the classic chemical products bought in the supermarket, which are very often harmful to the environment and also to human health. Plus, they cost a lot of money.

On the other hand, eggshells have many properties, such as calcium, magnesium, phosphorus and various proteins. In short, all fundamental elements for the correct development of our plants. In addition, they greatly strengthen the stem and roots and prevent the formation of mold or bacteria.

To integrate them into the life of the plant there are three methods. The first, and the most used, is to take dried eggshells, Crush them until very small pieces remain and pour them over the soil. You can also mix them with coffee grounds to obtain an even stronger result.

Finally, there is another method to take advantage of the properties of eggshells. After cutting them finely, you can put them in half a glass of vinegar with a good dose of warm water. With this fantastic trick, in no time you will see.

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