The sprig trick to reproduce Salvia indefinitely without spending a euro

Reproducing salvia indefinitely without spending any money is an excellent way to enjoy this beautiful and versatile plant. The “sprig trick” is a simple and effective method to propagate salvia from cuttings, ensuring you have a continuous supply of these lovely plants. Here’s how you can do it step-by-step.

Materials Needed:

  • Healthy salvia plant
  • Sharp, clean pruning shears
  • Small pots or containers
  • Well-draining potting mix
  • Rooting hormone (optional)
  • Watering can
  • Clear plastic bag (optional)

Step-by-Step Guide

  1. Selecting the Cutting
    • Choose a Healthy Sprig: Select a healthy, non-flowering stem from your salvia plant. The stem should be green and free from any signs of disease or damage.
    • Cut the Sprig: Using sharp, clean pruning shears, cut a 4-6 inch section from the chosen stem. Make the cut just below a node (the point where leaves attach to the stem).
  2. Preparing the Cutting
    • Remove Lower Leaves: Strip off the leaves from the bottom half of the cutting to prevent rot and to focus energy on root development.
    • Optional: Apply Rooting Hormone: Dip the cut end of the stem in rooting hormone to encourage faster root growth.
  3. Planting the Cutting
    • Prepare the Pot: Fill a small pot or container with well-draining potting mix. Moisten the soil slightly before planting the cutting.
    • Insert the Cutting: Make a small hole in the soil with your finger or a pencil. Insert the cut end of the stem into the hole, ensuring that at least one node is buried in the soil. Firm the soil gently around the cutting to provide support.
  4. Providing the Right Environment
    • Light: Place the pot in a bright spot with indirect sunlight. Avoid direct sunlight, which can be too harsh for the young cutting.
    • Humidity: To create a humid environment, cover the cutting and pot with a clear plastic bag. Ensure the bag does not touch the leaves. This step is optional but can help retain moisture.
  5. Caring for the Cutting
    • Watering: Keep the soil consistently moist but not waterlogged. Water the cutting lightly whenever the top inch of soil feels dry.
    • Air Circulation: Occasionally remove the plastic bag for a few hours to allow for air circulation and prevent mold growth.
  6. Root Development
    • Monitor for Roots: In 2-4 weeks, roots should begin to develop. You can gently tug on the cutting to check for resistance, indicating root growth.
    • Transplanting: Once the cutting has established a good root system, usually after 6-8 weeks, transplant it into a larger pot or directly into the garden.
  7. Maintaining Your New Plant
    • Sunlight: Gradually acclimate the new plant to more direct sunlight.
    • Watering: Continue to water regularly, keeping the soil moist but not soggy.
    • Fertilizing: Feed the plant with a balanced, water-soluble fertilizer every 4-6 weeks during the growing season.


The “sprig trick” is a cost-effective and straightforward way to reproduce salvia indefinitely. By following these steps, you can propagate new plants from your existing salvia, ensuring a constant supply of this vibrant and versatile plant without spending any money. Enjoy the beauty and benefits of salvia in your garden year-round!

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